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A.P.S wood products are primarily based on rubber trees. Yet the secret behind the demand of A.P.S wood products is the selection of the best rubber trees.

In the process the selected rubber trunks are sized using sophisticated machines. Then their stains and patches are removed before they are chemically treated for more then 30 minutes. Putting them in chemical baths to ensure to perfect the products from insect attacks. (Boric Borax is the chemical used)

Thus the processed wood is put into ovens in order to dry out the excess moist in them. There wood is kept in ovens up until 10% - 16% of moist dried out and then taken out.

After this process the best wood is cut into the required shapes and sizes later the blocks are smoothed by sanding with proper care and examination.Later the blocks that are in good quality are selected by a Q.C Team leaving out the ones in poor quality.To ensure the quality of the product we use only 25% of the well – grown rubber trees. The remaining parts are need as timber or firewood.

The very significant thing of our company is the use of rubber trees which are grown by us in our own estates.

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